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If you’re thinking about entering the light truck market, there’s a good chance you’re upgrading from a ute or van. Usually this is because the vehicle in question has served your business well, but is increasingly struggling to keep up as the company takes on new work and heavier loads.

The good news for business owners in this situation is that truck brands understand how daunting making a leap up the weight scale can be, and they’re striving to clear the way for you by doing things like making trucks that can be driven on car licences.

They’ll also make sure that if you walk into a truck dealership looking for your first light truck, you’re not going to be bombarded with questions and insider jargon that leave you wishing you’d never stepped out of your ute.

To make things even easier, we’ve compiled a list of some truck bodies that first-time truck buyers can acquaint themselves with so they have a better idea about what they’re looking for when they step onto the lot.


Your tray truck body is the big brother to what comes as standard with most utes – an open topped body that has back and sides around 35 cm deep. It’s the truck body of choice for builders and other tradies looking to carry a lot of equipment to the job site.

One of the key benefits of a tray body is the no-frills design. The lighter body means your business has more carrying capacity at its disposal to lug around loads. There are also variations on the standard tray design – like Isuzu’s Ready to Work Tradepack models – that include extras like ladder racks to help you better manage your loads.

Service body

The sad reality is tools and work equipment are expensive, and sometimes thieves help themselves to what’s sitting in the back of a truck. The service body aims to minimise that risk, while also better protecting your equipment from the elements.

A service body is like a ute with a huge, secure tool box in the back. It has a range of compartments for keeping your equipment safe and then space where you can store larger materials.

Because of the peace of mind they offer, service bodies are the go-to fitment for many field service technicians and building and construction workers who carry pricey cargo.

For those looking to keep their equipment extra safe, the Ready to Work Servicepacks take things a step further, offering remote central locking – so when you lock up your truck, you also lock up your tools.


Just like your tipper ute, a tipper body on your light truck is going to do just that – tip, to make unloading materials like sand, rocks and dirt much easier. The benefit of having that functionality on a light truck is that it gives you plenty more carrying power, meaning fewer trips and less time stuck in traffic when you could be getting on with the job.

The tipper body is a firm favourite for landscapers, bulk garden supply businesses and councils.

If you think a tipper would be right for your business, but were hoping for additional functionality, Isuzu recently released a Tri-Tipper with a pre-fitted body that tilts to the left, right and rear.


The van body is an increasingly popular choice to put on the back of light trucks. As our nation’s online shopping habit intensifies, delivery companies are looking for vehicles capable of navigating tight urban streets as they deliver direct from business to the consumer.

Van bodies are fully enclosed containers, generally accessible by rear barn doors or side doors, that businesses such as removalists, logistics companies and vehicle hire companies tend to make a staple of their fleets.

If you’re perusing this list and unsure of what type of light truck your business needs, it’s easy to call up, or pay a visit to, your local Isuzu Truck Dealership and have a conversation about the type of light truck and body that’s going to be most useful for your growing business.

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