Working around Tasmania’s expansive tin, zinc and nickel mining industry entails an enormous amount of responsibility, but to Glen Berechree, the founder of maintenance company GBE Services, it’s “just another job”.

Despite his modesty, Glen has shown his fair share of business acumen in expanding GBE from its humble beginnings in Zeehan to take its place as one of the Tasmanian West Coast’s most diverse services companies.

“We established the business 10 years ago,” Glen said.

“There was a market for labour, equipment hire and metal fabrication in the mines and we were already doing it for another company.

“We just thought we’d be better off doing it ourselves.”

Glen’s timing was impeccable. In just 10 years, his business has grown dramatically, to the point that GBE currently employs around 50 staff.

But despite a renowned work ethic and level of expertise, he’s coy about the company’s ability to rise above its competitors.

“We’ve grown because we’re a private company,” Glen said.

“It means we can provide that extra level of personal service.”

Rapid growth means GBE’s capacity requirements are evolving and to keep pace, Glen bought two trucks: an Isuzu NPR 45-155 Tradepack and an NLR 45-150 Servicepack.

The Tradepack and Servicepack are rated at 4,500 kg GVM, meaning they each have the payload a growing business requires, but are still driveable on a standard car licence.

The Tradepack’s 114 kW @ 2,600 rpm and 419 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,600 rpm and the Servicepack’s 110 kW @ 2,800 rpm and 375 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,800 rpm ensures both trucks have the grunt to handle rough mining terrain with ease.

“Until now we’ve been using four-wheel drives,” Glen said.

“But Isuzus are cheaper to maintain, have larger payloads and are far-better suited to our business.

“Our first impression of the trucks has been excellent – they’re exactly what we need.

“They’re spacious compared to our four-wheel drives and the cabins are far more comfortable.”

All of the trucks in Isuzu’s Ready to Work range feature factory-built bodies covered by Isuzu warranty, which means (once registered and insured) you can drive them straight from the dealership to the worksite.

“We chose Isuzu because I kept driving past the dealership and loved the look of them,” Glen said.

“Both trucks were perfectly set up, I just walked in, bought them and drove out.

“I’m a pretty spasmodic person,” he laughed.

Glen’s a man who knows what he wants and – apart from the truck’s good looks – the Ready to Work range’s reputation for safety and reliability was a key selling point.

And having specified short wheelbase models, Glen’s Tradepack and Servicepack boast tighter turning circles than his four-wheel drives.

“The Isuzus can handle far tighter areas than the four-wheel drives,” Glen said.

“Our employees just want to go fast all the time but we don’t need speed, we need reliability, and that’s what Isuzu is famous for.

“We employ a lot of young drivers, so safety was a top priority for us and Isuzu ticked all the boxes. Having said that, my employees love the trucks, they all think they’re comfy and well set-up.”

The NPR Tradepack has a heavy duty aluminium tray, heavy duty galvanised ladder racks, integrated load restraint anchor points, headboard including rear window protector, removable drop sides and rear tailgate, satellite navigation and genuine Isuzu bulbar with 3,500 kg rated towbar.

The NLR Servicepack has a fully powdercoated steel service body with seven centrally lockable, individually lit compartments, a 2,500 kg rated towbar with integrated rear step and a 2.08 m x 1.0 m (L x W) central storage area with chequerplate floor, six tie down points and a rear barn door.

The Tradepack and Servicepack both have Isuzu reversing cameras, Anti-lock Braking (ABS), Anti-skid Regulator (ASR) traction control and Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC) – which automatically detects and helps correct a loss of control – making Isuzu’s array of safety features among the most advanced on the market.

“Honestly, it was a no brainer to buy them,” Glen said. “As soon as we saw them we just thought ‘That’s exactly what we need.’

“Isuzu’s customer service is first class and its reliability is un-questioned.”