Truck of the Year

August: 2018 Truck Of The Year Entrants

Things are slowly but steadily heating up this August, and if sunny skies are a sign of what’s coming, Isuzu’s 2018 Truck of the Year Competition is about to get fierce.

This month’s winner, picking up $300 worth of Isuzu merchandise, is Catherine Ferguson. All monthly winners go into the running to win the end of year Grand Prize, a $6,000 Visa cash card. Don’t wait—enter your Isuzu truck today!

Catherine Ferguson

When Catherine Ferguson was on the hunt for a truck, she wanted to ensure it was sturdy, solid and spacious enough to accommodate a gooseneck trailer. So when she came across the Isuzu NPR 65-190 Crew, it was just what she had in mind—with enough room for her horses and the entire family. Apart from assisting her with the everyday grind, her enormous transport is a multitasker that has it all. Catherine shares, “It has the perfect balance of size, comfort, value for money and power.” And she wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Bobbins Transport

Running a busy freight transport is no easy feat, but having been in the business since the 70s has given the team at Bobbins Transport an edge over others in the industry. Phil Bobbins of Bobbins Transport knew that the on-the-go nature of their business meant investing in a sturdy, reliable truck, which is how they came to own an Isuzu FVD 1000. Equipped with chrome wheels, a custom sun visor, and extra lights, the jazzed-up truck is Bobbin’s dream machine.

Classic Concrete Pumping

A Herculean rig, in both appearance and performance, the Isuzu FYJ 2000 is Classic Concrete Pumping’s most reliable truck, according to Classic’s Neil Duncan. And of course, one can’t miss the truck’s striking good looks. A company passionate about their job, they’ve made sure their truck can cater to not only smaller jobs but also larger ones with Classic’s aptly named “Jurassic” concrete pump built on the sturdy FYJ 2000 Isuzu. What can we say—it’s a perfect match.

Lyon Automotive

Reliability is a quality something Isuzu trucks are proud of, and it’s always nice when satisfied customers like Lyon Automotive’s Ben Lyon labour the point. Ben shared with us, “Reliability is key for us, especially with us having to always be on the road to look after our customers.” Ben swears by his favoured Isuzu NQR 450—a built-to-last rig that combines reliability and performance. In his words, “even though she is an old girl, she still moves with ease”.


“Her eye-catching beauty”—when asked about his truck, that’s what first comes to mind for Michael Kondis from SoilWorx. To be sure, the Isuzu FYJ 300-350 is a perfect meeting of form and function. But with considerable time spent behind the wheel driving all around Melbourne and making deliveries on his trusty, high-performance truck, it’s hard to look beyond the truck’s beauty.


The waste management experts at Ecotrans are firm believers that good machinery makes light work. Business owner Jason Styles enthused, “A well-set-up truck can do the work of multiple employees!” And their versatile Isuzu NQR 450 reflects this. Pumped up with all the right modifications to tow a custom trailer and machinery, the truck is the perfect piece of equipment to get the job done and receives plenty of compliments as it does so.

Chris Waller Racing

Chauffeur to some of the best racehorses, including Australia’s beloved Winx (winner of 25 consecutive races and over $18 million in prize money), the Isuzu FSD 850 ensures the safe travels of these horses, and is a force to be reckoned with. Bruno Briffa from Chris Waller Racing shares, “At any time there can be a horse on board that’s priceless.” Which makes FSD 850 the perfect chariot to carry these majestic equine beauties.

Turning Point Woodworks

From spring through to winter, family-run Turning Point Woodworks’ Isuzu NPR 300 Crew  is the most versatile vehicle they own. Nathan Ransley says, “The truck works hard every day, carrying all the tools we could want in our cabinet-making and construction business. And with its professional look and efficient tooling system—with onboard drop saw with integrated vacuum and organised hand tools—all of our clients are impressed!” But the truck’s more than just an impressive worker. In summer, on goes the camper and then it’s off to the lake. Nathan mused, “The crew cab was the only option for us, what with twin boys in our family, and we can’t imagine life without the truck!”

Hi-Tech Projects

Smart. Sleek. Punches above its weight. What more can you ask for? Building company Hi-Tech Projects has had their trusty, hardy Isuzu NPR 200 Tradepack for many years, and Mitchell Hawkins says, “It carries every tool we need for the big industrial jobs. We love it.”

DNR Transport

“What’s not to love about it?” Daniel Eisenhuth of DNR Transport asks in reference to his Isuzu FYX 2500, and cheekily adds, “Except for when you need to replace all the tyres at once!” Even though he’s only had it under a year, it’s been a good truck so far. You wouldn’t think that a mammoth truck like that would be an easy thing to navigate, but Daniel enthused, “It’s comfortable to drive, easy to drive, especially in Sydney traffic. It also stands out from the crowd—there are not many like it around!”