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Too Hot To Handle: Isuzu Dealers And Technicians At Isuzu Trucks National Technical Skills Competition 2019

We are excitedly counting down to the 12th National Technical Skills Competition, which is set to take place on Wednesday, 31 July 2019, and the competition sure looks tough even from the get-go.

To say we are pumped is an understatement. The adrenaline-filled competition will bring together the nation’s best and brightest Isuzu truck technicians and test their skills against the clock.

The competition will be held at Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL)’s training facility in Melbourne, Victoria, and will see Isuzu truck technicians go through a written examination and three high-pressure practical tests, facing complex technical problems to diagnose and remedy under the watchful eye of an expert judging panel.

The competition’s top two finalists will travel to Japan to represent Australia at Isuzu Motors Limited’s (Japan) World Service Technical Competition, otherwise known as the I-1 Grand Prix.

The whys and wherefores

The tests are designed to not only measure a technician’s knowledge, but also how they perform in high-pressure situations.

“It’s a great test of their problem-solving capabilities and their ability to adapt to whatever Isuzu product is brought through the garage door,” said IAL National Training Manager, Mr David Smith.

Each year Isuzu Trucks dealers and technicians all over Australia participate in the National Technical Skills Competition, all vying for top spot and glory. The pre-competition selection phase is no walk in the park—to even manage to be selected to participate in the National Technical Skills competition, these technicians have to already be some of the best techs around.

Mr Smith commented, “Really, our mission is to invest in our technicians, to upskill them and provide a fun, engaging platform for them to develop professionally and recognise the value we see in them.

“What we’re really doing is investing in our technicians for long-term results in real-world settings, with support from the dealerships, which will ultimately benefit our valued customers.

“They’ll have confidence knowing that our world-class technicians deliver reliable repairs and servicing that focus on long-term, not short-term, solutions.”

With all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes even before the competition’s on, let’s give the participating dealers and technicians the applause they rightly deserve. Here’s a look at this year’s participating Isuzu Trucks dealers and their well-oiled technicians!

Western Australia

Major Motors (Malaga)

Major Motors in Malaga, WA, is one of Australia’s biggest dealers of Isuzu trucks. A proudly Western Australian–owned family business, the dealership has been in the automotive industry since 1934. Supported by their values of honesty and integrity, Major Motors has a continual commitment to customer service.

Representing Major Motors (Malaga) this year is technician Magno Atanoc.

Road Runner Mechanical Services

Based in fast-growing Geraldton, WA, Road Runner Mechanical Services is an Australian-owned and operated business that takes pride in having a solid, happy team provide the best service to their customers, be it repairs, servicing or parts supply. Committed to staff development, Road Runner places high priority on technician training, taking on the training of new apprentices every year.

Representing Road Runner Mechanical Services this year is technician Jason Lee.


Black Truck Sales

Isuzu Trucks dealer Black Truck Sales is located in picturesque Toowoomba, Qld, and has been selling and servicing in the region for more than 25 years. A locally owned business, Black Truck Sales is dedicated to providing customers with the best care in their service—the business sets professionalism as its hallmark.

Representing Black Truck Sales this year is technician Matthew Radke.

Gold Coast Isuzu

The dealership may be incredibly passionate about engineering reliability, but Gold Coast Isuzu doesn’t limit reliability only to trucks—they also place service reliability in high regard. To Gold Coast Isuzu, their commitment to the product and their customer comes first.

Representing Gold Coast Isuzu this year is technician Luc Akurangi.

Tony Ireland Isuzu

Tony Ireland Isuzu has been selling and servicing vehicles for more than 30 years, and they are dedicated to providing quality customer service. They pride themselves on their expert aftersales service, ensuring the best experience for their customers.

Representing Tony Ireland Isuzu this year is technician Jason Peterkin, who was one of the top two finalists in the 2018 National Technical Skills Competition.

New South Wales

Suttons Motors Arncliffe

Suttons Motors Arncliffe in Sydney, NSW, is steadfast in their dedication to high-quality customer service, be it in selling or servicing trucks. A locally owned business, industry stalwart Suttons has extensive experience in the industry, supported by their team of friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Representing Suttons Motors Arncliffe this year is Alex Lee.

Peel Valley Trucks

For 30 years and counting, Peel Valley Trucks has been selling and servicing trucks in Tamworth, NSW, and its surrounding regions. What sets family-owned Peel Valley Trucks apart is not just because of their longevity, but because of their continuing dedication to their trade.

Representing Peel Valley Trucks this year is Brad Hickey.


Winter & Taylor

Family-owned Winter & Taylor aren’t fresh to the trucking industry. They have been in the business for more than 100 years, selling and servicing trucks in Geelong, Vic, and the surrounding region. Placing great emphasis on the quality of service they provide, Winter & Taylor puts care and professionalism at the forefront.

Representing Winter & Taylor Isuzu this year is technician Michael Primmer, who was one of the top two finalists in the 2018 National Technical Skills Competition.

Patterson Cheney

Melbourne-based Patterson Cheney is a longstanding powerhouse, having been established in 1915 and currently with more than 100 years of experience in the automotive industry. The business is serious about trucks, and they know the investment needed for trucks. Understanding this, they’re committed to bringing the best experience and service to their customers.

Representing Patterson Cheney this year are Richard Dunsmuir and Adil Malinovic.

What’s next?

The competition will take place on Wednesday, 31 July 2019. Stay tuned for updates and results!

Last year saw Michael Primmer clinch third place in the individual category at the I-1 Grand Prix, and in 2016, Australia made it to second place in the I-1 Grand Prix. How do you think we’ll do this year? Keep your fingers crossed for us!