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Managing water for a the population of an entire state is a mammoth task to say the least – traversing thousands of kilometres over challenging terrain demands safe, durable equipment that’s ready to go at every turn of the key.

This is why Tasmania’s state-wide water and sewerage corporation, TasWater, chose Isuzu’s ready to work Tradepack model when they needed to add an additional eight field service trucks to their 105-strong transport and service fleet.

TasWater commenced operations in 2013, after the merger of three Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporations. They’re now responsible for all of Tasmania’s water and sewage treatment facilities and boast over 900 employees and an annual turnover of $300 million dollars.

Dale Lovell, TasWater’s Team Leader for Fleet and Plant Equipment, says the new Isuzu Tradepacks have been a great addition and provide a practical and cost effective alternative to their previous service vehicles.

“We had a number of utilities in the past but they could never carry enough supplies to the site, and the guys were continually heading back to base to restock,’ Dale said.

“The Tradepack means we carry all the equipment and tools we need in one run.”

The demands of servicing water treatment plants, a refiltration network, pump stations, and a vast array of working infrastructure require TasWater vehicles to transport huge amounts of equipment. This is usually done throughout steep, mountainous terrain, but also requires effective and economical operation in urban environments like Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.

“The trucks carry saws, generators, submersible pumps – anything and everything that pops up when working on water pipes and civil pipes in the ground.

“The crews need all this equipment readily available to cut up roads, excavate, prepare the pipe and reinstate the surface.”

The Isuzu Tradepacks provide TasWater’s Service Delivery crews with the perfect work-station.

All underpinned by the Isuzu NPR 45/55-155 cab chassis, the Tradepack sports a heavy-duty aluminium tray with integrated load restraint anchor points and galvanised ladder racks, giving drivers all the space and features necessary to carry and store tools and supplies safely and securely.

“The Tradepack carries much more than our old utes ever did, so we’re saving on fuel because we don’t have to go back and forth to collect equipment.

“And three of the eight trucks can be driven on a car license, which gives us much greater flexibility, as some of our drivers don’t have their heavy vehicle accreditation just yet.

“It’s been a perfect solution for us,” Dale said.

“We carry extensive gear – there can be fifteen to twenty thousand dollars’ worth of tools on the back at any one time – so we’ve had custom aluminium toolboxes built to give us maximum carrying capability.

“We also included Centurion roller-shutter doors and increased the strength in the lock, to keep our equipment safe at all times,” Dale said.

One of the new designs has tool boxes applied to the full length of the tray, while another incorporates a loading crane to lift pipes, generators and other heavy equipment on and off the tray.

“Websters have been selling trucks to TasWater’s former entities for close to a decade, so the Sales Manager there, Shane Hilder, understands our unique application and has a sound knowledge of what’s required. He and Webster Trucks helped us design three tray and toolbox designs for the eight units.”

Getting the mix right was hugely important to Dale and Shane alike, so a cookie cutter approach was never going to work. Their close collaboration has yielded the right results however, offering a huge step up for TasWater’s Service Delivery crews in terms of safety, performance and comfort.

“For us, these trucks simply meet the brief. For our drivers, this is their mobile office – they can spend a whole day in the vehicle, so it’s important that they’re happy, safe and comfortable.

“The adjustable suspension seat is a great feature, and the cab ergonomics are excellent.

“The reverse camera is something we didn’t have before and the Bluetooth comes as standard – all these things make for a much safer unit,” Dale said.

The new NPR Tradepack has also benefitted from the recent introduction of Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC) back in 2015.

This on-board technology gathers information from a range of sensors to detect and help correct any unexpected loss of control by braking individual wheels.

The addition of IESC – paired with passenger airbags, an ECE-R29 compliant cab, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Anti-Skid Regulator (ASR) – means Dale’s drivers are at the wheel of one of the safest light trucks on the road.

“We had smiles on a lot of faces when we brought them into the depot,” he said.

“With my drivers, it takes a lot to get positive commentary when it comes to equipment or tools but they were all pretty pleased to see the new units in the yard. Everyone’s very happy.”


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