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Isuzu Power Solutions: Engine Department Re-Brand

Following just over a decade of successful operations, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is pleased to announce the official re-branding of its off-highway engines department, from Isuzu Engines to the new name of Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS).

Having enjoyed a long run of success in the Australian truck market, IAL entered the non-road application and re-power engine market in 2008 offering a wide range of engines that can be adapted to suit a variety of applications such as agricultural, general industry, hydraulic pumping, irrigation, refrigeration and water pumping.

Leveraging the largest and most comprehensive dealership network in Australia, Isuzu’s non-road application offering instantly had the broadest distribution network in the market.

The range includes:

  • Bare engines: There are over fifty models, Isuzu’s ‘In a Box’ engines start from its two-cylinder C Series at 0.6 litre capacity through to the impressive six-cylinder U/W Series at 16 litres. These bare engines come without any bells and whistles, supplied directly as an engine-only block and are perfect for customised applications or as direct replacements for an existing engine unit.
  • Power units: Isuzu’s popular turn-key power unit encompasses the radiator to flywheel range. IPS’s power units are available in a variety of sizes, outputs and configurations which makes it easy to find the right unit to suit your needs.
  • Made to Stock Series II: an off-the-shelf version of Isuzu’s Power Units now includes more than 20 variants powered by Isuzu’s engines. They are supplied ready to work, which means you can put them straight into action from day one. They all come as a standard with locally-developed Engine Controller Pro which adds to the functionality and overall efficiency.
  • Premium Power Open Gensets: Designed as a stand by source of power, these gensets can be used to power a varying electrical load for an unlimited span of time, for when the power grid is not available or for power curtailment.
  • Japanese OEM range: With over 25 million units worldwide, many Japanese made construction machineries are powered by Isuzu’s reliable engines. IPS has a reputation for building world-class leading engines that work tirelessly under the harshest of conditions.
  • Engineering services: IPS prides itself in a dedicated engineering team that provides a wide range of OEM engineered solutions that covers project scoping, design, prototyping, testing, validation through to commissioning to provide tailored solutions that meet their customer’s power requirements.

Since then, the department has gone from strength to strength, building on a well-received product line-up, which finds a home in key local applications such as emergency service water movement, agricultural irrigation and large capital equipment uses such as excavation.

IPS have also recently added premium Power Generating Sets as part of their product portfolio which includes a range of gensets, featuring locally-sourced and designed componentry fit for Australian conditions and applications.

“The re-brand of our engines department is in line with the changing landscape of the static engine and re-power market,” said IAL’s Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Harbison.

“We believe the name ‘Isuzu Power Solutions’ captures the sort of all-encompassing and integrated power solutions offering that we stand behind.

“For a long time now, we’ve recognised the very real opportunities in this space for IAL, and we’ve been lucky enough to have some very capable operators steering the ship for the last ten years.”

Matt Sakhaie

The re-brand comes as IAL announce the recent appointment of Mr Matt Sakhaie to the role of Head of Power Solutions.

Matt began his career in the mid-nineties as a graduate mechanical engineer with a well-known engineering, procurement and construction company in Energy sector.

He then moved into the vehicle and engine testing industry, working as a Project Manager on ventures in the Middle East and Northern Europe – spending time with the likes of Volvo, Scania, Mercedes and Wartsila.

Matt has a long history working on multidisciplinary projects involving engineering development and product validation, as well as compliance with strict engineering practices introduced by OEM’s and international regulatory organisations.

After spending almost 15 years in the industry, Matt joined Isuzu’s Industrial Engines department (as it was known then), in Port Melbourne back in 2010.

“The re-brand represents a very exciting time for the department right now, and I’m extremely proud to have been offered this leadership opportunity,” Matt said.

“Over the last decade we’ve managed to assemble a diverse, passionate and high-performing team here, and from very humble beginnings, we’ve achieved great things as a team.

“There’s plenty more to do, and I’m excited by what the future holds in this dynamic and fast paced market.”

Having had the lead responsibility for product lifecycle, testing, validation as well as product development and integration, Mr Harbison said Matt was a logical choice for the position.

“It was a no brainer. Matt’s played hand in a wide variety of roles and disciplines within the department and has helped introduce and implement best practice engineering methods,” he said.

“He’s dealt extensively with our parent company in Japan for some time now, and we’re extremely confident in his abilities. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”