Isuzu Australia Limited Safeguards Parts Availabilities

Last updated on 19 May 2020

Timely access to critical truck parts and componentry has never been more important than right now, as COVID-19 movement restrictions begin to lift throughout the country and efforts focus on recovery.

Since early January, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has had special measures in place to ensure the continuity of critical parts supply for the Isuzu Trucks parc and continues to prioritise parts availability for its customer base.

IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Harbison, said Isuzu took seriously its role in ensuring various essential industries preserve smooth and uninterrupted operations.

“It was clear from beginning of the lockdown that the road transport sector would play a vital role in ensuring all Australians continued to have access to essential supplies,” he said.

“We’re committed to ensuring this remains in place now that restrictions around movement and interactions have eased and activity continues to pick up.”

Echoing Mr Harbison’s comments, IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, said, “The Isuzu Parts department has had contingency plans in place for some time. As further change comes at us, we continue to work on securing ongoing parts availability for all Isuzu customers.”

Pressure, demand and supply

Road transport operations have faced increased demands during the pandemic, as a result of the social distancing and self-isolation measures put in place by the federal, state and territory governments some months ago.

These measures have also created an unprecedented demand on e-commerce, placing added pressure on the transport industry—on its own, Australia Post delivers about 1.8 million parcels daily.

The pressure on the road transport industry, however, extends beyond last mile delivery.

Mr Plunkett explained the key measures undertaken by IAL to ensure the dealer network has access to critical truck parts and componentry necessary for the current elevated period of operation.

“We are still isolating critical parts that customers may need in different geographical locations, and have implemented split shifts in our National Distribution Centre. With infection clusters still a very real threat, these measures continue to safeguard the continuity of Isuzu truck parts supply in the event of any supply chain disruption,” Mr Plunkett said.

“All our parts supply chain arrangements remain in place, effective and fully operational.

“In addition to daily communication with Isuzu Motors Limited in Japan, we are also maintaining a close read on global supply chain movements, monitoring any developments that may impact operations in Australia, and identifying options should the need arise.”

Isuzu Trucks dealer network

Mr Plunkett said, “Our dealerships have shown preparedness in adapting to the ongoing challenges and disruptions.

“We commend the network on continuing to deliver needed product and quality service to customers, ensuring that businesses are kept running.”

In Western Australia, Major Motors Managing Director, Bob Pearce, has welcomed the challenges.

Mr Pearce said, “Our servicing and parts departments have remained busy over the past couple of months, our customers across the different essential industries have had to put their trucks to work more than ever.

“Like the other Isuzu dealerships, we’re working with IAL to provide comprehensive support across all of our departments.”

And in another part of the country, Brisbane Isuzu General Manager, Steve Hayward, also shared similar sentiments.

Mr Hayward said, “Last month has been the parts department’s busiest April in four years; and for our servicing department, it was our busiest month out of the past 12 months.

“We prepared ourselves for this upsurge, to ensure the security of parts for our customers. We’ve substantially increased the parts and componentry stock we hold in preparation for COVID-19, and we continue to maintain that increased stock level so we can provide transport solutions to those that need it.”


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