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Gardening is a hard day’s job, and no one knows this better than Christian Jenkins, who built his landscaping business from scratch, founded on his love for nature. Hard work sure went into achieving what Christian Jenkins Landscape Design has—satisfied customers revelling in the beautiful landscaping, as well as several eminent awards, including a gold award at the 2018 New Zealand Flower and Garden Show.

Having been in the gardening business for 25 years, Christian’s love for landscaping came from his great-grandfather, who was always outdoors. With a green thumb—or two—and following in his great-grandfather’s passion, Christian at the fresh age of 20 started as a gardener at Ivanhoe Grammar School. While there, he studied horticulture, majoring in garden design at the University of Melbourne.

But what goes into the process of designing a garden with Christian’s garden landscaping business? Firstly, it’s an on-site consultation to assess the land and discuss the project. And then the grunt work begins.

“Along with the experience of what I’ve learnt over 25 years, I bring in the best elements and work with the lay of the land to create the garden according to what the client has envisioned,” Christian said.

All of this is tough work, transporting and moving heavy rocks, planks of wood, numerous plants, and mounds of earth.

With the demands of the job, Christian needs a tough army of machinery to help him out. This includes a bobcat, an excavator, a few tippers and his brand new Isuzu NLR 45-150 Tri-Tipper.

With a GVM of 4.5 tonnes and 110 kW of power at 2,800 rpm, Christian said the NLR Tri-Tipper is the perfect truck to work the long days that come with heavy lifting­­­––all with no stress. And it handles like a professional with independent front coil suspension, meaning it’s comfortable, no matter the surface.

“You’ve got the driving comfort as though you’re driving a car, but with the luxury of being able to transport three tonnes,” Christian said.

The Tri-Tipper works exactly how it sounds––it can be tipped three ways: backwards, to the left and to the right. This gives Christian flexibility in tight spaces, which is invaluable when working in the kinds of sites he finds himself in.

Adding to the heavy demands of the job, many of Christian’s projects are situated in tight-access areas. While the truck is a powerful machine to drive, it’s easy to get into tight spaces.

“If we’re doing residential jobs in back laneways, we take the back fence off and we get the truck right in, dump two and a half cubic metres of material.

“And with my Tri-Tipper, we save so much time on not having to move the materials around, because I can just pull up to my soil pile, tip it off—whether it’s left, right or to the back—and pull out without any fuss, which I think is just fantastic,” said Christian.

Not only does the NLR 45-150 Tri-Tipper bring power, it also brings accessibility––the truck can be driven on a car licence, meaning Christian didn’t have to splurge on an expensive truck licence just to get a truck to get the job done.

Christian added, “The whole experience was top shelf… We purchased the truck in Geelong from Winter and Taylor and it was a smooth process.”

For Christian, the truck is a cut above the other trucks he has had in the past.

“Apart from the power, the convenience of the three-way tipping, and of course the brand’s reliability… the air con and those little kinds of comfort you get in a car, you’ve got them in the truck.

“And whenever my foreman gets the opportunity to drive our Isuzu Tri-Tipper, he compares it to our older truck, and he just can’t believe what a world of difference there is.”