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Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) presented a webinar, ‘Is Your Load Killing Your Ute?’ recently to educate Australian tradies and business owners about the risks associated with vehicle overloading.

Webinar presenter and IAL Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries, said the webinar revealed that many business owners were simply not aware that they could so easily overload vehicles, jeopardising the safety of their drivers and running the risk of incurring some pretty hefty fines and long-term damage to their vehicles.

“Staging this webinar gave us an insight into how pervasive this problem is on Australian roads,” Mr Humphries said.

“Many drivers don’t know how much their vehicle has been engineered to carry. So they were also uninformed about how running overloaded could significantly increase ute repair bills and lead to unexpected vehicle downtime, all while potentially putting the safety of themselves and other road users in jeopardy.”

IAL has uploaded the full recording online so that those who missed the original broadcast can still watch it and benefit from its insights.

The online seminar is free, and interested listeners can access it by registering at

Mr Humphries said business owners who rely on utes should view the presentation.

“We decided to host a recording of this webinar because the consequences of ute overloading are not widely known, yet they can be crippling for businesses,” he said.

“An overloaded vehicle is going to cost businesses more in fuel and vehicle repairs, and affect its performance on the road. If a vehicle is involved in a crash while overloaded that’s also going to impact on insurance claims.

“There’s a broad spectrum of risks associated with vehicle overloading and this webinar recording can help more business owners better identify them.”

The recording of ‘Is Your Load Killing Your Ute?’ is available now for on-demand viewing. Visit to register.